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Statement of LEAP’s Purpose & Vision

The establishment of LEAP Christian Academy (“LEAP”) is the result of a genuine desire to contribute to the insights provided by the Word of God regarding purposeful Christian living: “And, be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable will of God” (Romans 12: 2). 

Christians cannot change the world merely by being religious or even by just praying for a change, without first working hard to change our “world” by our positive attitudes and lifestyles as true representatives of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it is becoming clearer that, as Christians, we cannot be entrusted with highly valued resources, except we have built the required capacity to successfully manage the resources through continued learning and experience. We truly need more of coaching and mentoring in the Church if we are to make sustainable impact in the marketplace.

It is important to stress that Christians have not been called to become rich and successful according to worldly standards. Rather, we have been called to be influential role models, using the grace of inspirational resource management abilities to impact the lives of others. That is the covenant of wealth that all true Christians have been called into. And, except we continue to build our capacity for sustainable wealth creation, we cannot shine as light amidst the gross darkness of the world.

In the course of my journey on earth, I have been privileged to serve God, several people and many different institutions in various capacities. However, the greatest joy and fulfilment for me has been the establishment of LEAP. It is just one of a number of projects that are being developed to support Christians in general, and Christian leaders and businesspersons in particular. But it is the most impactful because of the focus on coaching.  

As a Christian coaching and mentoring organisation, the role of LEAP Christian Academy is firstly to be a capable and dependable support platform for Christians that desire to be more resourceful, effective and productive in life and ministry. Secondly, LEAP is committed to assisting pastors and other Christian leaders to be more inspirational and effective as transformational leaders. Thirdly, LEAP is positioned to support the business growth and development initiatives of Christian entrepreneurs and business owners through provision of adaptive business building tips, tools and techniques.  

LEAP Christian Academy is eager to establish value-adding partnerships with fellow believers, Christian groups and ministries that share our vision and passion for Christian integrity in leadership and business. We remain resolute in our fight against ignorance, poverty and mediocrity in the Body of Christ. We will therefore continue to work with other believers that share our commitment to empowering Christians, especially leaders and entrepreneurs to make sustainable impact in the marketplace.

What LEAP is offering is obviously not entirely new. It is nevertheless our little contribution to the reinforcement of existing knowledge. It is also an affirmation of the benefits of coaching and mentoring as valuable action-learning initiatives for interested and inspired Christians. These initiatives are particularly useful in supporting what we continually receive directly from the Holy Spirit in our quiet time, through study of the Word and while worshipping with other believers.  

We welcome you to join LEAP in our pursuit of supporting Christians to unlock their potentials, and be more influential in the course of making positive and sustainable impact. And, if you truly believe in our vision and share our passion for increased capacity-building for Christian leaders, business people, professionals and others,…let’s LEAP together.  

God bless you.  

Dr (Pastor) Emmanuel Imevbore
Coordinator, LEAP Christian Academy

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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