LEAP Coordinator

The activities of LEAP Christian Academy are coordinated by Dr Emmanuel Imevbore from the South Africa headquarters, with the assistance of a team of uniquely gifted and highly dedicated men and women of God.

Dr. Imevbore is an ordained minister of God. He began active Christian ministry work in 1989 before being appointed a parish pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in 1995. He thereafter served as pastor and minister in charge of several RCCG parishes over a period of 12 years, working mainly in Nigeria and South Africa.

His professional career had however started a bit earlier in 1988 as a university lecturer and researcher while undergoing his doctorate degree programme. He served as a university lecturer for six years after which he resigned to establish and manage his first private company – a management consulting firm, offering business consultancy services across major African countries. This was when his interest in entrepreneurship development, business consulting and executive coaching became amplified.

Dr Imevbore is an Alumnus of the Institute of Neurosemantics Africa (INSAfrica), where he acquired his International Coach-Mentor Certificate. He also participated in the Performance Matrix Coach Programme of the Quantum Organisation (UK). This is in addition to his Conscious Leadership Coaching Training with Life Masters Inc. These coach-training programmes not only equipped him as a professional coach, but also inspired him to learn more about the concept of Coach-Leadership. He is the Convener of International Association of Coach-Leaders and Mentors.

His training as a lecturer, researcher and business consultant, as well as his exposure to executive coaching have combined to provide him with opportunities to provide business solutions to businesses of all sizes, in addition to facilitating diverse training and coaching programmes. His passion to transfer knowledge and support skills development has seen him become a coach and mentor to many business owners.

As an executive coach in particular, he has in the past 20 years coached several business executives, corporate leaders, business owners and managers in different countries. His coaching engagements specifically aim to support people, teams and organisations to discover, and leverage their uniqueness through his powerful “STEP UP” (Strategy, Thought, Energy and Passion) Coaching model.

His coaching expertise is focused on facilitating excellent performance through “Desire”, “Capacity” and “Opportunity” (“DCO”). And, in coaching corporate leaders, executive managers, business owners and entrepreneurs, his approach is to support the facilitating of “Limitless Leadership” and “Leveraging the Core”. His approach in this regard is about turning greatest strength to excellence, uncovering unique wealth, and enjoying the best version of you.

Dr. Imevbore is currently the CEO of CEED Group, a South Africa based business solutions, financial advisory and coaching organisation which he established in 2001. He is also the Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of International Coaching & mentoring Institute (ICMI). ICMI, which benchmarks as a centre of excellence for coaching in Africa currently operates in 10 African countries, as well as the USA and UK, providing coach training, mentoring, certification and diverse support services to professional coaches.

Dr Imevbore has always been eager to promote coaching and mentoring as deliberate action-learning processes in the Church. This is because of his belief that individual believers, as well as Churches and other Christian groups can benefit greatly from structured coaching and mentoring, just as individuals and businesses benefit outside the Church setup. This has been the motivation for his ministry support initiatives to Church pastors and other Christian leaders in different countries.

His experience in Church planting, pastoring and leadership training have prepared him for the role he now plays as a leadership and entrepreneurship development coach in the Body of Christ. The establishment of LEAP Christian Academy in particular has provided the opportunity and platform to present impact training programmes and coaching solutions for the benefit of interested Christians. It was that desire that motivated his resignation from pastoring the RCCG, Rose of Sharon Parish in Sandton, South Africa to establish LEAP in 2007.

Dr Imevbore who serves on the board of a number of other companies in South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria, is the author of several books on business strategies, coaching and personal development. Among these are Business Intelligence, 10 Major Problems that Cripple Businesses, Going for Gold, Turning Talents to Treasures, and Money, Riches & Wealth. His Christian books include The Glory of Purpose; Vision of Greatness; Counting Your Blessings; The Success Formula; The Desert Shall Blossom; and A Tale of Four Rich Men.