Church Workers’ Training Programme

The Christian Workers’ Training Course is a specialised short training programme, which is presented only on a needs-basis, and in accordance with the requirements of the local church or fellowship. This is because the course, which covers important aspects of Christian gifts, calling, ministry and service, is customised to fit the specific vision, needs, opportunities and resources of the particular local assembly.

Who Should Attend?

The training programme is beneficial to all members of the workforce that have been given special tasks and/or specific assignments in the local assembly. This includes the pastors, ministers, elders, deacons, teachers, and others.

Programme Highlights

      • The course is designed to stress the importance of a strong, active, committed and consistent workforce, by comparing the Church workforce to the pillars in a strong building, providing strength, support and protection.
      • The course demonstrates how Church workers are, and must continue to be equipped by the Holy Spirit to be the essential link in God’s power flow to a needy world.
      • The training programme shows how workers can be most active in Christian ministry and service through the effective utilisation of their dispositional and ministry gifts, as well as the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
      • The training presents powerful insights on indices of the “Glorious Church” and the contribution of an effective workforce regarding the roles, responsibilities and rewards of Christian workers in the local assembly and Body of Christ.

Major Benefits 

      1. The training programme reinforces essential Christian ministry principles, which are borne out of the enduring vision of the Church of Jesus Christ.
      1. The Course offers to the Church workforce the great benefits of personal motivations, action learning, capacity-building and team cohesiveness.
      1. The Course energizes the Church workforce, irrespective of individual workers’ past and current spiritual journey, knowledge and experience.
      1. At the end of the programme, each worker would have gained more knowledge of self, especially in relation to others, as well as with regard to spiritual responsibility, authority and accountability.
      1. At the end of the programme, individual workers would have increased their knowledge of how the vision of the local assembly can continue to align with the urgent needs and impact of the Universal Church in a rapidly and constantly changing world.

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