Coach-Leadership for Christian Leaders

Coach-leadership is a concept that describes how leaders create personal and corporate energy with winning attitudes to surmount challenges, using coaching techniques. Coach-leadership is all about being able to inspire self and others, moving forward with confidence, awareness and self-belief. A coach-leader is thus an inspirational leader that leads through visionary actions and personal example.

The coach-leadership concept applies coaching principles to effect positive changes through inspirational leadership. It demonstrates how people’s potentials can be unlocked and unleashed to impact others through the facilitation of a coach-leader.

A coach-leader is “a dealer in hope”, creating corporate energy by building the energy of people around his/her own energy. An example is how David managed to convince and encourage his distraught, dejected and discouraged men (that even attempted to stone him to death) to follow him to pursue after the Amalekites (1 Samuel 30). 

Who Should Attend?

      • This coach-leadership programme is designed for the benefits of every Church pastor, minister and Christian leader that desires to further build the capacity to achieve more, and get more out of people through powerful coaching techniques.
      • The programme is beneficial to every Christian that is privileged to hold leadership and management positions, or exert leadership responsibilities within and outside the Church setup.
      • Every Christian entrepreneur, business owner and manager will greatly benefit from attending this course.

Highlights & Major Outcomes

      • The programme offers the most powerful strategy for empowering and motivating people, due to its potential to develop, nurture and amplify the potentials of the Christian leader, in relation to God’s perfect model of leadership.
      • The coach-leadership engagement inspires leaders to improve their capacity to achieve more with little, as they operate as success coaches and mentors, in facilitating the potentials of others to make sustainable impact.
      • The programme provides the special skills to influence desirable change in people and teams, offering precision-tools to effectively expand thinking, beliefs, values and purpose of others for desired outcomes.
      • This programme affords inspired Christian leaders the awesome opportunity to gain and apply great insights, in the most beneficial utilisation and amplification of their gifts, ministry, calling and impact as transformational leaders.

Specific Benefits 

      • The provision of transformational leadership tips, tools and techniques for capacity-building to promote a sense of belonging and encourage people to display higher levels of personal conviction, commitment and consistency.
      • Facilitation of the ability to motivate people to be excited about the tasks ahead, no matter how daunting they may be, manifesting personal pride in doing something worthwhile, as their roles, responsibilities and rewards are matched with quality outcomes.
      • Amplification of personal leadership trust levels to create much needed personal and team awareness, confidence, passion, trust and energy, in translating effective collaboration to multiplication through complementary efforts.
      • Facilitation of the essential “Spirit of Captainship” with the potential to develop “giant killers” in life and ministry, capable of supporting others to attain their potentials and achieve their cherished goals
      • Presentation of the opportunity to develop practical platforms as a coach and mentor to creatively help to align the talents and abilities of people and teams with the needs, necessities, resources and opportunities.
      • Provision of a realistic support system to pastors and other Church leaders to enhance their skills to lead change, develop talents, build teams, and achieve extraordinary results, by expanding their leadership capacity through coaching.

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