Coaching Solutions

The Power of Coaching

In the journey of life, we all need someone that would be there for us – someone that can be trusted to support us, as we make certain crucial moves more confidently. We need someone beside us who believes in our abilities and encourages us to get better. And, we need someone that will work alongside us to help nurture and unleash our potentials, by inspiring us to greater performance.

Pastoral (Executive) Coaching

LEAP Christian Academy has designed a practical one-on-one executive coaching package for Church pastors and top management of the Church. This is similar in some ways to the executive coaching engagement programmes that top management executives of companies globally now crave and benefit greatly from.

Life (Personal) Coaching

LEAP Christian Academy’s personal (life) coaching engagement is designed to improve the quality of life of individual Christians. The focus is on supporting interested and inspired believers to develop better lifestyle through increased personal awareness, knowledge, passion, confidence and trust.

Coach-Leadership for Christian Leaders

Coach-leadership is a concept that describes how leaders create personal and corporate energy with winning attitudes to surmount challenges, using coaching techniques. Coach-leadership is all about being able to inspire self and others, moving forward with confidence, awareness and self-belief.