Life (Personal) Coaching

LEAP Christian Academy’s personal (life) coaching engagement is designed to improve the quality of life of individual Christians. The focus is on supporting interested and inspired believers to develop better lifestyle through increased personal awareness, knowledge, passion, confidence and trust. The coaching engagement thus focuses on the enhancement of personal attributes that unlock and unleash latent potentials.

The coaching process comprises two main stages. The first stage involves a thorough evaluation of the present state, situation or circumstance. The second stage deals with steps to reverse any possible negative trends. This involves eliminating toxic factors, dealing with diverse inhibitors and setting goals for desired future outcomes.

Some of the areas of need that are given due attention relate to the following: personal awareness, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, desires, confidence, self esteem, relationships, personal finance, common habits, fears, career etc. Every facet of the believer’s personal life, which could influence behaviour and Christian living are actually given due attention because they are deemed to be of great importance.

You Need a Life Coach

We believe that everyone that is sufficiently inspired to attain higher levels of achievement can succeed if provided with the right opportunities for self-expression. As a result, our approach in life coaching is to help you to focus your attention and energy on leveraging your inner-core strength to attain new levels of achievements.

Special care has been taken in this regard to design the life coaching programme of LEAP to emphasise the fact that the greatest investments that can be made by a person is in the area of personal development. This is because every other training activity, as well as skills that are acquired can only be properly utilised when a solid personal foundation exists. And, this is important for successful Christian living, irrespective of the position occupied by the believer, or the factors in the operating environment.

Who Should Attend?

      • Individual Christians that are in situations where they have to juggle several activities, which keep draining them.
      • People who believe that they have so much more that they can offer the world, and need some support through coaching to unlock their potentials further.
      • Individual Christians that desire to attain the best possible balance in their lives through a more positive lifestyle.
      • Believers that want more out of life, but just can’t seem to put it all together.

Highlights & Major Outcomes

      • This life coaching programme deploys the amazing power of increased self awareness, personal inspiration and passion in achieving more through spiritual guidance and a trusted support structure.
      • Our approach is to provide you with transformational Christian coaching tools and solutions, which appropriately equip and inspire you to take on challenges with more confidence, assurance, energy and enthusiasm.
      • LEAP’s life (personal) coaching programme is focused on the Word of God, as it relates to the need for you to be personally empowered, in order to attain the plan, purpose and programme of God for your life and ministry.
      • This powerful coaching programme compels you to commit to creating more value for other people and be more influential as you make sustainable impact in the marketplace.

Specific Benefits

      • The opportunity created by a Word-based and solution-oriented process to further unravel your latent talents as a unique individual, and enhance your personal skills to glorify God in life and ministry.
      • Increased self-awareness to improve your personal attitude, belief systems and behaviour regarding your specific abilities and potentials, in building capacity to leverage opportunities that come your way.
      • Prevision of professional support to set the benchmark for new levels of your core attributes and personal experience through the bridging of knowledge, skills and resource gaps for superior performance in life and ministry.
      • Opportunity to re-awaken and re-affirm your positive beliefs as a victorious and limitless Christian, which in turn helps to create realistic life balance, as you learn to deal with, and overcome every limitation to becoming the best version of YOU.
      • The coaching engagement offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a truly life-transforming experience, as you are empowered to leverage your core and be more resourceful in achieving life goals.

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LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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