Pastoral (Executive) Coaching

LEAP Christian Academy has designed a practical one-on-one executive coaching package for Church pastors and top management of the Church. This is similar in some ways to the executive coaching engagement programmes that top management executives of companies globally now crave and benefit greatly from. Specifically, smart company executives engage experienced executive coaches to work alongside them because they realise that going it alone is no longer an option.

Pastoral coaching obviously offers similar benefits to pastors and top management of the Church who have to continuously take decisions, which have serious implications for them and the Church members. Helping pastors in taking the best decisions is one of the usefulness and benefits of pastoral coaching. It is all about the coach working alongside you as a reliable partner, supporting you to become and remain the best version of yourself as an effective leader.

Who Should Attend?

  • The programme has been designed for pastors and other Christian leaders that desire the best possible balance of spiritual/ministry work and personal life as transformational, influential and effective leaders.
  • Pastors and/or leaders of Christian groups or ministry, needing more time to do certain things that they really enjoy doing, but always seem to be “too busy” will benefit greatly from the pastoral (executive) coaching programme.

Highlights & Major Outcomes

If you are a pastor or leader of a Christian group or ministry, LEAP’s pastoral coaching engagement provides you with practical leadership tools to effectively manage self and others. You are in this regard supported through the coaching engagement to drastically improve your success rate at getting more out of people. The key is effective people, activity, time and resource leveraging.

LEAP’s pastoral (executive) coaching engagement is undertaken by professionally trained executive coaches who are also ordained pastors and ministers of the gospel, with several years of experience in Christian ministry. They are therefore well acquainted with the challenges of pastoring and carrying out Christian ministry work. 

With several years of top management experience, LEAP’s executive coaches are best positioned to guide and help you to leverage your greatest abilities and opportunities. The focus in the course of the pastoral (executive) coaching process is usually on four key leadership areas: ‘Leadership Core’, ‘Leadership Credibility’, ‘Leadership Capacity’ and ‘Leadership Connection’.

Specific Benefits

The benefits of our one-on-one Pastoral (executive) coaching engagement include the following:

      • Realistic alignment of your internal (mind) resources to create the best possible balance of personal life, work, cause, calling and destiny.
      • Creation of a platform for your inspired actions and creativity in scaling essential needs and resource levels in fast-tracking goal attainment for self and others.
      • Increased energy and tenacity, with ‘fierce focus’ on the most productive aspects of your leadership assignment.
      • Authenticity in personal identity and intentionality regarding beliefs, values, lifestyle, strengths, challenges, vulnerabilities, opportunities and course of action.
      • Confidence to seamlessly exercise leadership power, influence, authority, tact and accountability to empower others and achieve best results.

Our pastoral (executive) coaching intervention provides unparalleled insight into the essence of your uniqueness, and the massive potentials that you possess as an influencer and impact leader. There is no greater investment that you can make to ensure solid results that guarantee optimal value to you as an individual and your team than this coaching engagement. 

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