Coaching Master Class for Impact Leaders

The Coaching Master Class for Impact Leaders is a power-packed coach-mentor training programme designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors in particular. This specialised course is the missing link needed to get more out of people, and achieve more with little in the workplace.

The course, which activates the personal transformation experience of key managers and leaders, provides practical coaching and mentoring tools and techniques to achieve individual “response-ability”, as well as personal and team accountability. The goal is to facilitate optimal performance within the organisational structure.

Who Should Attend?  

All Christians in important management and potentially impacting leadership positions would benefit greatly from this course, through receiving powerful coaching techniques to facilitate positive change and get more out of their people.

Course Highlights & Benefits 

  • Guidance on how to coach and mentor talented individuals under your leadership to become more inspired, more committed and more consistent.
  • Provision of practical tips and tools to overcome sabotaging habits, limiting beliefs and potential inhibitors as a leader, manager and coach.
  • Coaching exercises and role plays to develop, test and enhance your skills in achieving goals and improving performance.
  • Provision of an excellent template and platform to develop and implement processes to unlock potentials, enhance skills and optimise performance.
  • At the end of the training, your increased understanding of self, people and environment will support you to create realistic platforms for continued growth.

*Please contact us for more information and details.

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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