The Principles of Financial Intelligence

The mention and talk about money can be quite a touchy issue in several Churches and among Christians. Yet, the Lord wants His children, as individual believers, and the entire Church to have true mastery over money. This is because a Church with members that have adequate understanding, practice and experience about money can best be trusted with the resource. This fact necessitates that Christians must acquire practical financial intelligence. That is the essence of this training programme.

LEAP’s Principles of Financial Intelligence course is packed with money management ideas, tips and information, which enable believers to improve their money management capacities. The training provides the basis and strategies for effective personal and business cash flow management, while also teaching how to deal with debt problems and financial stability.

Who Should Attend?

  • Every believer that desires practical tips and tools for effective financial planning, improved income strategies, personal funds mastery and money management.
  • Christians that are eager to know more about how best to source finance, especially to fund projects, as well as how to adapts systems to leverage financial resources.

Course Highlights & Benefits 

  • Personal Finance and Money Management: Understanding the power and limits of money; capital flight and the ‘life’ and ‘current’ of money regarding “using” or “spending” money.
  • Principles of financial prudence and management of true riches: How to get, invest, save, give, and use more money in creating sustainable wealth through effective and planned allocation of financial resources.
  • Doing the essentials in financial planning: Overcoming the mono-income scourge, unstable inflows and cash flow challenges through multi-pillar income/fund raising strategies; debt management, budgeting and financial goals.

Aligning with God’s perfect plan for your finances and financial well being through wise investments, wealth creation, financial freedom, financial security and financial independence.


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