Special Programmes

Women Empowerment Programmes

LEAP Christian Academy contributes to women empowerment through our women-centred programmes, as well as the support of diverse women empowerment groups and initiatives. Specifically, LEAP is committed to creating and utilising avenues for the training, coaching and mentoring of women and the girl-child. 

Youth Development Programmes

LEAP Christian Academy has special programmes for Christian youths, particularly teenagers and young adults. As the future generation of Christian leaders, businesspersons and parents, there is a great need for Christian youths to be properly guided and encouraged to embrace quality lifestyles for positive influence.

Church Growth Programmes

The Church is not just an organisation, but also an ‘organism’, which has life and must therefore grow like every other living organism. And, as long as there is continued teaching, learning, evangelism and fellowship carried out according to the Word of God and under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, true growth is guaranteed.

Ministry Impact Programmes

LEAP Christian Academy’s Ministry Impact Programmes are designed to facilitate personal creativity and innovativeness in maximising the operation and management of Christian ministry gifts. Our programmes in this regard highlight ministry service modes, as well as impact evaluation strategies and reinforcement or remedial methodologies.

Business Seminars

Practical entrepreneurship development and sustainable business management are among the key pillars of LEAP Christian Academy. We believe that economic freedom through successful entrepreneurship and business ownership helps to facilitate wealth (value) creation potentials of Christians

Leadership Workshops

LEAP Christian Academy’s leadership workshops are organised for the particular benefits of established, emerging and aspiring Christian leaders irrespective of their operating environment. The leadership workshops emphasise the power, importance and influence of Christian leadership styles within and beyond the Church setup.

Projects & Support Programmes

Since its establishment, LEAP Christian Academy has continued to support individual Christians and Christian organisations to enhance performance and achieve goals. An area of particular importance is in supporting specific developmental projects, which have the potentials of impacting people and community through the value that they create.