Leadership Workshops

LEAP Christian Academy’s leadership workshops are organised for the particular benefits of established, emerging and aspiring Christian leaders irrespective of their operating environment. The leadership workshops emphasise the power, importance and influence of Christian leadership styles within and beyond the Church setup.

The workshops aim to further develop and empower Christian leaders with the required spiritual and personal foundations necessary to compel impactful and spiritual leadership transformation in the Church. With due emphasis on leadership excellence and superior management, the workshops seek to support passionate Christians that are personally inspired and energised to be change agents and impactful leaders in their sphere of influence.

Listed below are some of the general themes and topics of LEAP’s leadership workshops:

      • Leadership Influence – Leveraging Leadership Vision, Focus, Power & Energy
      • Christian Leadership Foundations, Beliefs, Capacity & Communication Strategies
      • Limitless Leadership & Spiritual Leadership Modeling
      • Leadership Responsibility, Authority & Accountability in Empowering Teams
      • Principles of Christian Ministry Excellence: Gifts, Calling & Ministry
      • Implementing Effective Succession Planning & Exit Strategies
      • The Christian Leadership Toolkit – The 5R’s of Empowered Teams
      • Building & Operating Sustainable Systems: Developing “Giant Killers”

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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