Youth Development Programmes

LEAP Christian Academy has special programmes for Christian youths, particularly teenagers and young adults. As the future generation of Christian leaders, businesspersons and parents, there is a great need for Christian youths to be properly guided and encouraged to embrace quality lifestyles for positive influence. LEAP’s youth development programmes are focused on personal development, self expression, freedom of thought, personal energy, action-learning, personal creativity and fun.

Based on the prophetic declarations of Joel 2: 28, LEAP’s youth development programmes encourage higher level aspirations, renewed thinking and positive attitudinal change, as the way to guarantee a better future for the younger generation. It is all about educating the youths in the Church about the value of self-awareness, self-appreciation and self-motivation, in developing positive beliefs as change agents and new generation leaders.

Our youth development programmes are usually carried out within established local Church structures and youth fellowships. This is in order to avoid duplications and conflict of interests, while also ensuring the full involvement of the local Church or fellowship. We believe that the benefits derived thereof and thereafter are better shared and enjoyed by everyone through proper inclusiveness.

LEAP’s major youth development programmes and activities include the following:

      • Career coaching and mentoring to unlock and unleash individual potentials
      • Entrepreneurship development and life skills motivations
      • Building and sustaining Godly partnerships and relationships
      • Life orientation counselling and nurturing of special gifts or talents
      • Leadership development, training, coaching, mentoring and modeling
      • Personal finance and money management tips and strategies
      • New generation technologies and creative utilisation

It is our belief that more opportunities and possibilities need to be developed for Christian youths to freely express themselves, learn, interact and grow, in the environment of responsible behaviour, creative thinking and fun-creation. It is all about investing in our future.

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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