The Power of Coaching

In the journey of life, we all need someone that would be there for us – someone that can be trusted to support us, as we make certain crucial moves more confidently. We need someone beside us who believes in our abilities and encourages us to get better. And, we need someone that will work alongside us to help nurture and unleash our potentials, by inspiring us to greater performance. That is what structured coaching offers. We all need coaching!

Whereas coaching as a change facilitation and performance improvement process has been extensively used in sports, business and organisational transformation, its application in the active development of Christians within the Church setup is largely limited. This is despite the fact that coaching facilitates the same transformational and performance enhancing results.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner, parent, teacher, pastor, sportsperson, government official or doctor, coaching transforms your thinking, expands your capacity, improves your performance, and enhances your skills, among others. This is because the coaching process is all about helping you to reach greater heights.

This is one of the reasons why the coaching industry has become one of the fastest growing globally, as more people turn to coaching to get better results. As a result, individuals, businesses, leaders, managers, teams, organisations, and others are incorporating structured coaching into their developmental and performance improvement processes.

Structured coaching in this regard compels the process of setting and achieving desirable goals, facilitating sustainable change, and motivating improvements. This is through an appreciation of the present state and the building of capacity to unlock inherent potentials to achieve desired goals, optimise skills and improve performance.

The same potentials, possibilities and opportunities for transformational and developmental coaching exist for individual believers, Christian ministries, as well as for pastors and other Christian leaders. Coaching definitely offers the under listed benefits and goals, among others: 

      • Personal Development – Improvement in the quality of life of individual Christians.
      • Enhanced Performance – Taking good performance to higher levels of expertise and distinction.
      • Personal Transformation – Unlocking and unleashing untapped potentials for peak performance.

Obviously, a lot of coaching is already taking place in the Church, and has been taking place for a very long time. But, this has largely been done without the proper structure and process that professional coaching demands. However, considering the rapid growth rate of coaching globally, there’s the likelihood that more conscious and structured coaching engagements will begin to take place in the Church.

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