Training Programmes

The Limitless Leadership Course

Most leaders, be they corporate leaders, Church leaders, team leaders, or spiritual leaders at some point experience frustrations when they are not able to achieve certain goals, attain some heights or get desired results. This is not abnormal, but it must not become a frequent occurrence.

Coaching Master Class for Impact Leaders

The Coaching Master Class for Impact Leaders is a power-packed coach-mentor training programme designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors in particular. This specialised course is the missing link needed to get more out of people, and achieve more with little in the workplace.

The Principles of Financial Intelligence

The mention and talk about money can be quite a touchy issue in several Churches and among Christians. Yet, the Lord wants His children, as individual believers, and the entire Church to have true mastery over money.

Business Intelligence for Christian Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not just about implementing business ideas. It is more about continuous development and adaptation of personal business knowledge – your “business intelligence”.