About Us

Our Belief

  • We believe that every believer and true child of God is a treasure store of potentials, with a mandate from God to transform his or her given talents to treasures, thereby aligning with God’s purpose of positive global impact.
  • We believe that what most Christians need to achieve their life purpose is the acquisition and utilisation of the right knowledge through correct teaching, as well as the most appropriate training, coaching and mentoring engagements.
  • We believe that most Christians irrespective of their gifts, calling and positions would access and utilise better opportunities for sustainable marketplace impact, if they commit to increased capacity-building in areas of greatest abilities.
  • We believe that we have the responsibility as a specialist Christian training and coaching organisation to utilise every given opportunity to assist interested believers to turn their “talents” to “treasures”, in achieving their life purpose.

Our Purpose

LEAP Christian Academy is committed to supporting the development of inspirational and effective Christian leadership and entrepreneurship across nations.

Our contribution is focused on equipping inspired individuals, as well as current and emerging leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs with the essential skills required to manage self and positively influence others.

What We Do

LEAP Christian Academy is a provider of top quality Christian training programmes and coaching solutions to individual believers, Christians in business and all professionals, as well as Church leaders and other Christian ministers.

Our training programmes and coaching solutions are aimed at facilitating personal development, transformation and improved performance, for sustainable value creation. The goal is to support inspired believers to make positive influence in the marketplace.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to remain the reliable promoter and supporter for inspired believers desirous of building capacity for sustainable impact in the marketplace.

Our mission is to engage purposefully with believers through impact training, coaching and diverse support initiatives, to become even more resourceful as God’s representatives on earth.