About Us

Our Vision

Our desire is to support Christians to make sustainable impact in the marketplace through transformational engagements and value adding opportunities.

Our Mission

We believe that most people have the potential to transform their talents to treasures if given the opportunities, so we are committed to helping inspired Believers to unlock their potential, in glorifying God with the best use of their talents and skills. 

Our Purpose

We are privileged to provide useful platforms for Christian leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to make valuable contributions to people and community development through the expression of their knowledge and skills. Our purpose and passion is to continue to support more Christians to create sustainable value for marketplace impact.

Our Story

The Journey So Far

The LEAP Group journey began on December 1, 2007 with the launch of LEAP Christian Academy, which can be regarded as the ‘mother ministry’ of LEAP Group, with focus on Christian teaching, training, coaching and mentoring. However, in 2020, the Covid-19 global pandemic brought dramatic changes to our operations, forcing us to adapt to online meetings because of the lockdown situation and other restrictions.

The necessary adaptation led to the establishment of the Limitless Leadership Network in June 2020. The first online meeting was held on June 1, 2020 with 12 people in attendance. Limitless Leadership Network has now grown to more than 300 members located in different parts of the world, which necessitated the expansion of the LEAP Group. The LEAP Group currently consists of four organisations that have been established to promote the vision of the founders and partners.


Our Aspirations

Through the grace of God and the commitment of our valuable partners, LEAP Group will continue to grow and expand, as the purpose for its existence and operation is achieved. Our aspiration is to continue to support more Christian leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to operate with the mindset that their business, work, career, profession or vocation is a very important part of their earthly ministry.

A s a result, our programmes, activities, projects and service offerings will remain focused on supporting true Believers to fully embrace their calling and purpose as creators of real wealth. We believe that real wealth is the investment made through the creation of value for people and community to achieve God-inspired purpose. That is why we call it “REAL”, suggesting the power of Responsibility; Energy; Ability; Lifestyle.

We seek, and look forward to great partnerships that will promote the ideals of truly impactful Christian leadership and entrepreneurship, for God’s glory. We know that our strength as Christians is in our unity, love and desire to work together as the Body of Christ, bringing glory to God. So, if you believe that your values and interests align with ours, please join us, and let us LEAP together. Contact Us.