Youth LifeShift

The Youth LifeShift Project is a youth development and empowerment initiative designed to promote improved life aspirations and lifestyle of young Africans that desire to be impact leaders in their families, community, business, government and elsewhere. The project, which was initiated by LEAP Foundation NPC, aims to facilitate improved access for youths of Africa to Leadership, Innovation, Finance and Entrepreneurship (LIFE) opportunities.

Although pioneered in South Africa, the Youth LifeShift Project has been designed to be easily deployed and effectively adapted across major African countries where the desire to support youth development and empowerment exist. The promoters of the Youth LifeShift Project therefore continue to seek value-adding collaborators and committed partners within and outside Africa that share the same interests for youth skills development. The desire remains blueprinting Africa’s future leaders. For more information on the Youth LifeShift Project Click here or visit:

Limitless Leadership Chats

A key programme of LEAP Group is the Limitless Leadership Chats, which is a weekly online meeting that brings together members of the Limitless Leadership Network and others for a one-hour long exciting, inspiring and richly impactful conversation. The conversation is usually around a topic presented by a speaker who speaks guided by a specific theme, which is carefully chosen each month. The purpose of the monthly theme is to provide focus on certain special areas of interest and importance.

Some examples of past monthly themes are the following: The Christian in Business; Prosperity in Times of Adversity; Building Circles of Influence; Being a Competent Leader; The Excellency of Wisdom; Pathway to Recovery, Restoration and Repositioning; The Power of Visioning and Goal-setting; Financial Intelligence and Covenant Wealth; Gifts, Calling and Ministry; Building God’s Family; Spiritual Tests as Growth Opportunities; Using What You Have; The Amazing Grace of God; Discovering and Nurturing Your Uniqueness; Recovery from Setbacks; You’re the Best; The Wilderness Experience; Pursuit of Excellence; Christian Leadership in a Changing World; Business Intelligence for Believers; Framing your World; Opportunities through Difficulties; Positioning for Increase; The Process to Progress, among others.

Many members of the Limitless Leadership Network attest to the great impact that the teachings and presentations, sometimes also led by invited guest speakers have had on their personal development, spiritual journey, relationships, business, ministry, and other aspects of their lives. This important programme has been anchored by Mr Jeff Phiri, the Coordinator of Limitless Leadership Network since its inception on June 1, 2020. The sessions, which have always been recorded now provide a rich treasure trove that is made easily available for interested Believers.