Business Seminars

Practical entrepreneurship development and sustainable business management are among the key pillars of LEAP Christian Academy. We believe that economic freedom through successful entrepreneurship and business ownership helps to facilitate wealth (value) creation potentials of Christians.

As a result, LEAP facilitates business seminars aimed at supporting the business initiatives of Christian entrepreneurs, business owners and managers. Some of the topics and areas of interest of LEAP’s business seminars are as follows:

      • Personal & Business Foundations as Fundamentals of Business Development
      • Business Reinvention Strategies: Adapting Core Business Building Techniques
      • Strategic Entrepreneurship – Unearthing Entrepreneurship Attributes & Skills
      • 7 Keys of Business Uniqueness, Market Differentiation & Branding Strategies
      • The Ultimate Sales Course: Principles of Market & Marketing Intelligence
      • Business Finance, Financing & Financial Planning Strategies
      • The Business Tripod: Customer Service, Business Systemization & Exit Strategy
      • Creating Sustainable Business Systems for Competitive Advantage

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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