Church Growth Programmes

The Church is not just an organisation, but also an ‘organism’, which has life and must therefore grow like every other living organism. And, as long as there is continued teaching, learning, evangelism and fellowship carried out according to the Word of God and under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, true growth is guaranteed.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church expects and desires that the Body must grow and develop, going through different stages and phases just as happens with the natural body. LEAP Christian Academy is committed to contributing to this growth. Our contribution in this regard is mainly through the facilitation of relevant training, coaching and mentoring programmes. Our aim is to continue to support the spiritual growth and maturity of believers, which dovetails into true Church (Body) growth.

LEAP’s programmes are designed to expose believers to great spiritual insights involving Biblical and contemporary case studies. These would expectedly compel the adaptation of practical steps and processes to line up with God’s Church growth plans and patterns. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the unity of growth in knowledge and faith in the Church activates productive administration of spiritual gifts. We believe that this is what empowers believers to flow in the knowledge and grace of the Holy Spirit. 

We also emphasise the fact that the Great Commission is a calling and assignment for every true Christian, hence the need for continued teaching and effective fellowship to make true disciples of all believers. We in this regard provide practical tips and tools for effective evangelism and outreach programmes.

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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