Life Coaching


Our life coaching engagement is designed to improve the quality of life of the individual Christian through increased personal awareness, knowledge, passion, confidence and trust. The coaching engagement thus focuses on the enhancement of personal attributes that unlock and unleash latent potentials.

You need to register for this programme if you desire to attain the best possible life/work/ministry balance as you find yourself juggling several activities, which sometimes may drain your energy and tend to make you less effective. This programme is also great for you if you believe that you have so much to offer the world and need support to further unlock your their potential.

Course Highlights

  • This life coaching programme deploys the amazing power of increased self awareness, personal inspiration and passion in achieving more through spiritual guidance and a trusted support structure.

  • The programme exposes you to transformational Christian coaching tools and solutions, which appropriately equip and inspire you to take on challenges with more confidence, assurance, energy and enthusiasm.

  • The programme emphasises the need for you to be personally empowered, in order to attain the plan, purpose and programme of God for your life and ministry, and compels you to commit to creating more value for other people and be more influential as you make sustainable impact in the marketplace.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • The programme presents the opportunity of Word-based and solution-oriented processes to further unravel your latent talents as a unique individual and enhance your personal skills to glorify God in life and ministry.

  • Your will benefit immensely from the increased self-awareness you have to build capacity and effectively leverage every great opportunities you have for enhanced performance in life and ministry.

  • Opportunity to re-awaken and re-affirm your positive beliefs as a victorious and limitless Christian, which in turn helps to create realistic life balance, as you learn to deal with, and overcome every limitation to becoming the best version of YOU.

  • The coaching engagement offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a truly life-transforming experience, as you are empowered to leverage your core and be more resourceful in achieving life goals.

Life coaching leverages your inner-core strength to help you attain new levels of achievements. Let’s do it together!

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