Ministry Impact Programmes

LEAP Christian Academy’s Ministry Impact Programmes are designed to facilitate personal creativity and innovativeness in maximising the operation and management of Christian ministry gifts. Our programmes in this regard highlight ministry service modes, as well as impact evaluation strategies and reinforcement or remedial methodologies.

We believe that the successful Christian ministry is that which offers service to people and communities as a blessing through value creation and delivery. Hence, every action taken in ministry must be geared toward being a blessing to people, because the essence of a Christian ministry is to ‘minister’ to others through God’s grace.

We appreciate the fact that being a Church leader for example requires quick understanding, passion and humility. It also requires honest and diligent service, added to spiritual guidance and leading, as the Holy Spirit works through the leader(s) to fulfil God’s purpose for the Church. Understanding and pursuing that purpose with clarity of vision is the main thrust of LEAP’s Ministry Impact Programme.

LEAP supports Church leaders and others with scripture-backed resources, tools and strategies, for successful and sustainable ministry impact. Our goal is to further equip and empower them to perform their diverse but complementary leadership and ministry roles. These roles are as servant, shepherd, teacher, manager, administrator, coach and mentor, among others in achieving God’s purpose, plan and programme for the Church.

LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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