The Limitless Leadership Course

Most leaders, be they corporate leaders, Church leaders, team leaders, or spiritual leaders at some point experience frustrations when they are not able to achieve certain goals, attain some heights or get desired results. This is not abnormal, but it must not become a frequent occurrence. When it does, the leader would naturally feel limited, leading to a tendency to make avoidable mistakes, usually in the process of ‘overcompensating’. The results are often manifested in loss of confidence, desperation, fuzzy focus, poor communication, exhaustion and burnout.

LEAP’s Limitless Leadership Course is a 2-day practical course for all Christians in leadership positions irrespective of the kind and level of their leadership responsibilities. The power and effectiveness of the course derive from the fact that it is a study and application of the 20 major lessons to learn from God’s perfect model of leadership, which are demonstrated in the Bible, specifically in the first three Chapters of the Book of Genesis. As a participant in this course, you will be guided to understand and model each aspect of God’s limitless leadership, order to become a more effective leader.

Who Should Attend?

All leaders that desire to take their leadership effectiveness to the highest levels of success through simple, but powerful, practical, adaptive and transformational leadership lessons and models should attend the course.

Course Highlights & Benefits

      • 20 Leadership Lessons for Limitless Leaders: The Journey from “Vision” to “Rest”.
      • Tools and strategies for setting and achieving realistic personal performance and team goals, and setting standards for improvement.
      • Personal Mastery – Discovery, Dreams, Desires, Design, Destiny; Identifying and pursuing your life mission and soul purpose as a Limitless Leader.

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LEAP stands for: Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Aspiration; Productivity

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