Business Intelligence Course


The Business Intelligence Course is a business solutions workshop for established and budding Christian entrepreneurs, business owners and managers that believe that their businesses can experience exponential growth through creative actions. The course, which provides solutions for strategic business development and growth planning, uses Christian-based values, illustrations and motivations to inspire business success.

Course Highlights

The Course provides practical, time-tested and easily adapted business building tips, tools and tools to effectively align business goals and potentials with critical resources and market opportunities to achieve sustained business productivity and profitability. The Course presents strategies to uncover the “hidden wealth” within the business through the implementation of the specially designed ‘SMART’ programme. ‘SMART’ is an acronym for Solutions; Markets; Adaptability; Reliability; Tools.

Outcomes and Benefits

An important outcome of this Course is the exposure to business repositioning strategies through structured organisational diagnosis to determine areas of strength and weaknesses, in order to reposition the business. The major benefit that the Course offers is the provision of simple, well tested and easily adaptable template for business turnaround, transformation, systemization and increased workflow efficiency.

Avoid business failure pitfalls, problems and Challenges that cripple productivity and profitability. Adapt Business Intelligence Principles.

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